GTA 5 Hunting

How to unlock the GTA 5 hunting missions

gta 5 huntingOnly Trevor can hunt for cash rewards so the first thing you need to do is unlock him. To do this, progress along the main missions line with Michael and Franklin until you pull off the jewelry store heist. This will unlock Trevor. Now go to the orange question mark and talk to Cletus. The first mission is basically showing you how to use the sniper rifle. You’ll shoot three satellite dishes, three car tires, and finally a couple of coyotes. In order to get 100% you need to shoot all three satellite dishes for the bad signal objective. You’ll then have to shoot four tires with a 75% accuracy (you can only miss once) for the target practice pop pop objective. Finally you have to kill two coyotes with one shot for the 2 for 1 objective. Fortunately there is no time limit for this mission so you can use patience to line up the right shots. One you’ve completed mission one with Cletus head to the northern shore and meet him for mission two.

Cletus will give you an elk caller that will allow you to identify where the animals are. stay downwind and shoot four male elk to complete this mission. In order to get 100% you need to shoot all the elk in in the heart to pass the fair game heart hunter objective. Make sure you are down wind (the arrow will be red) while shooting the elk to pass the downwind objective. You can now do the GTA 5 hunting missions.

After passing the mission the hunting outfit will apear in Trevor’s closet and the different hunting locations will be shown on the map. Go to the locations, shoot the animals, take their picture with your cell camera, and send them to Cletus. He will then pay you properly for the meat.

If you have any problems with this GTA 5 hunting mission you can visit Rockstars support page on the subject here.

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